Having been in the Import & Export business industry for many years we have developed a team to grow our shipping & logistics division. Our expertise is handling shipping & logistics for companies importing to and exporting from Africa and worldwide.

We have contracts with international carriers and shipping companies and with our buying power and experience with the freight forwarding industry, we are in a position to negotiate the best rates to give you the best possible deal. Beyond that, we have the expertise to help prepare and process your shipping documentation such as the shipper's export declaration,bill of lading and commercial invoices.

Operating in the Import/Export industry along with shipping & logistics we are very well placed to handle local and international procurement for medium-large business. We are able to negotiate with suppliers on volume to ensure you receive the best priced supplies along with a smooth, timely and cost effective transportation process.

We systematically coordinate all aspects of the procurementprocess including bids, pricenegotiations, assuring proper quantities and specifications, shipping and delivery. The goal is to obtainmaterials, services or products at the best possible cost which meet the needs and time constraints of our clients organisation.

This creates optimised business efficiency, builds supply chain performance and capacity whilst ensuring that value for money is achieved contributing to bottom line business profitability.

Logistics & Procurement