Essential Management Ltd was formed in 2001 and specialises in International Business, Trade, E-Commerce & Investment


We specialise in exporting commodities primarily those originating from West Africa and shipping them to Europe,
Middle East, and Far East & Australia. We specialise in exporting Gum Arabic, Hardwood Charcoal,
and Sesame Seed & Hibiscus and have a team of people continuously exploring new products and markets
to enter based on economic demand.
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Having been in the Import & Export business industry for many years we have developed a team to grow our shipping & logistics division.
Our expertise is handling shipping & logistics for companies importing to and exporting from Africa and worldwide.
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International Procurement

Operating in the Import/Export industry along with shipping & logistics we are very well placed to handle local and international
procurement for medium-large business. We are able to negotiate with suppliers on volume to ensure you receive
the best priced supplies along with a smooth, timely and cost effective transportation process.
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Business & E-Commerce Consultancy

With over 30 years of experience in working with fast growing businesses, we have specialised for the last 12 years in E-Commerce.
We work with a variety of different companies on a consultancy or contract basis to grow their business and succeed
at reaching their goals both locally & internationallyusing new and innovative technology.
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